Ambient Monitoring System

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Ambient Monitoring System

Ambient air quality criteria or standards are concentrations of pollutants in the air (usually outdoor air but sometimes indoor air) specified for a variety of reasons including for the protection of human health, buildings, crops, vegetation, ecosystems, as well as for planning and other purposes. These instruments are based on globally accepted measurement principals and duly comply the regulations and guidelines by central pollution control board, India.


Zero liquid discharge is a process that is beneficial to industrial and municipal organizations as well as the environment because it saves money and no effluent or discharge, is left over. ZLD systems employ the most advanced wastewater treatment technologies to purify and recycle virtually all of the wastewater produced. Also Zero liquid discharge technologies help plants meet discharge and water reuse requirements, enabling businesses to: Treat and recover valuable products from waste streams. Better manage produced water. Key Benefits of ZLD-:
  • Recovers valuable ingredients from Effluent Waste Water.

  • Reduces process water disposal cost.

  • Reliable & Robust Solutions allows focus on main production business.