Dust Monitoring System

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Dust Monitoring System

Dust consists of particles in the atmosphere that come from various sources such as soil, dust lifted by weather (an Aeolian processes), volcanic eruptions, and pollution.

Application :

  • 1. Sample gas type : Air, flue gas, non flammable process gas.

  • 2. Suitable for dust concentration measurement :

  • at incinerators in general.
  • at garbage, hazardous waste and sewage sludge incinerators.

  • at facilities for cement production.

  • at power stations with gas, oil, coal or co-firing.

  • at converter plants and asphalt mixing plants.

  • at installations for the incineration of biomass.

  • 3. Suitable for measuring the opacity in flue gas.

  • 4. Suitable for cost effective process monitoring for dust concentration and opacity.