Online Effluent Monitoring System

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Effluent Treatment Monitoring System

  • 1. Effluent Water Quality Monitoring System,COD, BOD and TSSUV- Vis absorbance based with automatic Turbidity compensation and Online pH meter
  • 2. The EQMSprovides continuous measurement of organic pollutants in water quality processing lines, industrial wastewater, river water, etc.
  • 3. The EQMS uses Horiba’s proprietary rotary cell length modulation system to achieve zero drift.
  • 4. The EQMS has large measurement range of 0 to 5.0 Abs. So it can take care of high COD and BOD samples
  • 5. The unit was developed as a compact, lightweight, maintenance-free UV meter.
  • 6. The low-maintenance-cost EQMS can be installed at a wide variety of locations.
  • 7. Multi- installation options: Pole stand type, cabinet type, In-situ type.